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Name Brand box of 2 pink lined prank pregnancy tests.  These tests will be BLANK when you receive them and will turn positive (with two pink lines in results window) when you use them or immerse them in water.

WORKING Prank Pregnancy Midstream Tests - Box of 2

SKU: FRWT-09-18
  • Two BLANK tests in box when you receive them.  You simply use them or immerse them in a cup of water and they will turn positive.  


  • PLEASE READ:  People have tried to get products for free by telling us these tests didn't work and expecting an immediate refund.  These tests have been tested for years and they work.  Should you claim these tests do not work please know THE TESTS MUST BE RETURNED TO US for verification.  Our tests are distinctive, where we can tell they are our tests.  If the tests failed (which we have not seen them do), we will refund you money or replace the item.  But anyone who tries to claim tests didn't work must return them to us so we can see they are our tests and that they failed.  

Prank Pregnancy Ultrasound ~ Sonogram
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